To make everyone’s lives easier, I’ve aggregated the most common questions I receive (and what most people wonder about.)

1. Why the change to “woori” and what does it mean?

As you may or may not know, I had a pretty inappropriate online handle for a decent chunk of time. It came from my favorite manga (Hana to Akuma) – which was about a thousand year old demon and a little girl that he raises and eventually falls in love with. There was a joke in one of the very last chapters about him being a ‘lolicon’ despite no romantic interactions until the girl was very much an adult. Of course, at the time, I thought it was a cute word so I adapted it to lollicon and used it on all my social media handles. However, the name got way too established as not too long after, a lot of my social medias took off and I felt like if I changed, I would lose that ‘identity’ that I had built up and I would never be able to find an online handle that doesn’t use modifers.

Luckily, I was given the ability to change a few handles (albeit, a few still have annoying modifiers but in hindsight, it’s better to have an extra three letters than for my followers to end up on FBI list googling me.)

I asked my boyfriend for name suggestions and we came up with “woori.”

So what is “woori”?

우리 / Woori means “us” in Korean. On League, we have a club that’s named “Ouri” which is a different romanization of the same word. Woori is the ‘name’ romanization version of 우리 so it seemed fitting to go that route.

We also wanted to eventually make YouTube videos, a series that we informally call “우리 Story” because “Ouri Story” looks like “Our Story” while translating to the same meaning.

With that explanation, please enjoy the stories that we share!

2. Okay, but who are you and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Angela. I’m a 23 (yikes) year old ABC* idiot. Born and raised in Florida, I went to college in Georgia Tech thinking I’d make video games. After graduating, I moved to California where I am now a software engineer not making video games..

I am currently the caretaker of two other idiots – Jae (also known as CLG Huhi) and Haru (our Siberian Husky). I sometimes help out CLG with random things and micromanage anything I can get my hands on.

In my off time, I’m a once-a-month streamer, skincare enthusiast, and casual artist. I’m hoping that with this new blog motivation, I can live a more productive life and actually have a hobby because I am so bored, I literally work, eat and sleep there’s a lot of things that I want to accomplish.

*ABC is American born Chinese.

3. How did you and Jae meet?

Met through mutual friends on Twitter and he slid in my DMs and he would always pester me about when Black Desert Online would be released in NA and then disappear after..

After a good year of putting up with this stupid moron, I snapped and asked him why he even bothers to message me if he just stops talking randomly. From that day on, I guess I scared him enough to keep ongoing conversations so we kept talking.

During my spring break, I visited California/LCS and ended up meeting him backstage. We went on a date after his games were done and yeah schmucky yucky romance begins like that…

**Fun fact: Our first date was at the Griffith Observatory because he told me he had two dreams – one was to win Worlds, and the other was to see the stars. This was later re-visited in the CLG docu-series “Roads: Two Dreams.” **



Haru is our 1 1/2 year old Siberian Husky idiot puppy. We got her from a breeder after I moved here to California. At the time, we decided to get two puppies – one for him (Haru), and one for me (Maru). We had a pretty bad understanding on how much free time he had vs how much I could handle so I ended up giving Maru to my then roommate. After we moved to our current house, Haru and Maru never met up again and we don’t have plans to in the future.

Despite being dumb, Haru is one of the most loving constants in our life and we hope to be able to bring her around to LCS so she can meet more people.

5. How can I join your discord and play in-house games with you?

Periodically, I release the invite link to my discord. I don’t allow constant access because having too many members to moderate is pretty stressful for my group. However, once you’re in, we also check for inactivity.


Obvious heart-crushing answer – there’s a good amount of lighting, filters, and editing. I’ll never release an ugly pic of me.

Got any other questions? You can always ask anonymously on my CuriousCat!

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