Fishing on Big Bear Lake – Big Bear Finale

Today is the last day of January and we have finished our first series.. from.. mid November, woohoo!

Jokes aside, I’m incredibly proud that we finally managed to get this channel rolling. I know I’ve been slacking extremely hard on the blogging aspect but I’m trying to plan out the next few weeks of content. It’s pretty difficult when I don’t leave my house or don’t want to spend money going out BUT WE WILL PERSEVEREEEE.

To give you guys a sneak peek of the ideas of what we have coming up, our episodic series of Big Bear will be replaced by our new “every-other-week’s Sunday dinner excursions at bougie restaurants” with Jae and his teammates! I’ll also be going back to doing more gameplay videos to fill in for the gaps in between and try to do some more stuff on my own and get more comfortable with vlogging.

As always, I want to give a huge shoutout and thanks to my creative team –

Snubui – Lead editor of the Big Bear series and of future vlogs

Jin – Creative head and mastermind behind content

Piff – Subtitler and slave

I’m hoping to expand more to make it easier on them so DM me on Twitter if you’re ever interested in joining our creative team 🙂

Thanks again for watching, and see you next vlog!

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