Merry The-Day-After Christmas!

“I’ll try to ______ tomorrow” has become a pretty common phrase of mine in this recent year. Whether it’s streaming, or practicing singing, or anything that I always whine about wanting to do, I just never do it.

So here’s to starting a week earlier than never – my the-day-after-Christmas resolutions.  Beginning with this new project!

I, Angela, solemnly swear to do the following to the best of my ability:

  1. Update this blog minimum of 2 times a week
  2. Diligently do skincare every day and upload skincare regime and new findings
  3. Start a hair care routine and no more bleaching and heat damage
  4. Practice drawing and finish at least one a week
  5. Moderate shopping splurges by posting hauls on here and feeling guilty
  6. Read at least one “better yourself” book a month
  7. Do the laundry before it becomes taller than me
  8. Learn to self-edit and produce vlogs
  9. Practice singing outside of the car
  10. Learn to do makeup and dress well for every occasion, which includes not wearing hoodies to work
  11. Stretch for 20 minutes a day until I can do a split past 180 (???)
  12. Reduce meat consumption and guilt by 90% and create a pesc/veg diet meal plan and use MyFitnessPal
  13. Stop cursing
  14. Be more patient for everything and realize that not everyone lives on 2x speed like I do
  15. Drink enough water that it forces me to get up at least once every two hours
  16. Take Haru out to more places
  17. Be happy and stress-free — no more 2017 grudges
  18. Understand that people are people first and not friends. But for those who are my friends, be extra kind because they put up with me
  19. Encourage a larger community, whether through here, Discord or any other social medias
  20. Call my parents more
  21. Stop bullying Jae

Anything else is extra and I should be proud of myself for. So here’s to hoping that 2018 will lead to a better me and a better life. 18 is my lucky number, but 2018 is also the year of the Dog (my year) so that generally means I will have bad luck. Oh well.

Now, onward to the real content – how Jae & I spent our Christmas.

Third wheeling. Me. Me thirdwheeling. I thirdwheeled Jae and Yeujin, again.


This year marks the 2nd Christmas that Jae, Haru and I have been together. For us, Christmas is just another December 25th except that I don’t have to go to work.

After two painful days of breakouts and indigestion because of abnormal amounts of meat consumption, I decided to go a healthier (?) route by making wagyu salad (LOL) for lunch. The wagyu came from the piece they bought for me but I asked for it to be split in half because no normal 5’2 person should be able to consume this monstrosity in one sitting.


Below the mound of meat, there were mushrooms (baked), asparagus (baked), romaine lettuce and a bit of rice so Jae couldn’t say I didn’t give him rice. The wagyu fat added flavoring to the rest of the salad since the heart attack inducing grease would coat everything underneath. It wasn’t really healthy at all.

Wagyu salad

After lunch, I decided to spend my digestion period prepping my skin for the incoming disaster known as my terrible makeup skills.

Up until now, I’ve been slathering my face with unholy amounts of lotion layers (because I love me some Sulwhasoo!) and because I’m not allowed to be happy, I was told that the products are too heavy for my skin and they clog up my pores. So now I’m in this really stupid dilemma where I have no idea what to do with my current products but I also don’t want to spend more money buying new products.

So for now, my pre-makeup routine (on a clean face) is:

  1. Sulwhasoo Balancing Water EX (Toner that helps other products absorb better)
  2. Sulwhasoo First Care Serum (Serum that… uh.. helps other products… absorb better)
  3. Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb (Main moisturizer)
  4. Sulwhasoo Eye Cream
  5. Rohto Skin Aqua Moisture Milk (Sunscreen!)

I let it absorb for the length of Winner’s Haru Haru performance at Gayo Daejun 2017 a while and then begin loading on products. I’ll do a more detailed list when I bling myself out next weekend for New Years.

The end product only looks good in my room lighting, HAHA.


Jae and I picked up Yeujin (Reignover) and we drove off to KTown’s CGV (movie theater) where we were going to watch “Along with the Gods.” For those who do not know, Jae and I are fairly new drivers and not entirely comfortable with drives that require a lot of freeway/traffic. For us to go to KTown, it was about a 35 min drive. The day before, we debated between using an uber and driving – and that no matter what we decided on, we wouldn’t argue after we do it. So we decided on driving. Which was nice, there was pretty much no traffic, the whole way was smooth, we had nice conversations and music…

and then we got to CGV’s parking deck where the line was crazy and there was a sign that said the parking lot was full.

damn parking

“It was at this moment that Jae remembered we promised not to fight after we decided what we were going to do.”

And so we thought we were geniuses, went to the parking deck right next to it where absolutely no one was going into, noticed a sign that said they were closed, parked, realized they really were closed, got out and tried our luck at CGV’s parking deck again.

And voila, a Christmas miracle. We found parking pretty fast and just had to go up two floors.


I honestly love going to CGV – the seats are nice and comfy and they have these delicious caramel popcorn things that I gorge myself on. We always get the half/half popcorn combo with comes with an American sized drink that I almost finish before the movie begins.

Ah, coke. The drink of regrets. I went to the bathroom right before the movie started then had to go 60% into the movie, but timed it terribly because another movie just finished and there was a long line… So I ended up running back and holding it in, releasing instead my tears because the movie was so damn good.

Please watch it, it is an incredibly meaningful movie about how you choose to live your life and the judgement through the 7 trials of Hell after you die. Kinda fitting holiday movie – be good, be kind, and love your family. And get forgiveness with evidence.

After the movie, we wanted to go to Hangari Kalguksu because I needed some healthy food. However, the line was crazy long and there was no way we were going to wait an hour in the cold. Luckily, right next door was jajangmyeon place – Hong Kong Banjum!

Food was okay but better than nothing. Our Christmas feast was simple but happy.

Then we went home and got attacked by a demon.

Haru pull

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! As usual, thank you for your constant support and will do my best to bring life to this blog. Please hold me accountable, unlike how you guys do with my stream.

And dear God, please someone teach me how to use WordPress and stop compressing my already low quality pics……….



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